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Well, actually, there have been a few moths going about for several weeks now to be truthful.  However every time I see one fluttering about at dusk the weather seems to change for the worse and they vanish.  Last night for example it snowed yet again, and snow showers have been enveloping my house on a razor Arctic wind on and off all day.

Yesterday, in a brief burst of warm sunshine, I found an Angle Shades moth in the kitchen that had obviously decided to nip indoors for a while.

I’ll possibly invoke fierce debate for saying this but I personally prefer moths to butterflies.  It’s not that I think butterflies aren’t wonderful insects, far from it.  But for me the moths have a greater variety of colours, shapes and forms that I just find more interesting and appealing.

Just look at the camouflage on the moth above.  Isn’t that amazing?  In amongst some leaf litter you’d hardly see it.

So roll on the Summer evenings and more fabulous insects to observe.