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I thought I’d tie together two separate images in this post; one found today and one found over the Easter weekend.  The one today was a pheasant egg, lying all alone in the grass at the edge of the little copse of trees by my house.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there yesterday or certainly not the day before.

The crows and jackdaws will soon spot it and make use of it.  In fact I’m surprised I saw it before they did.

The second set of eggs were of the aquatic variety.  This not brilliant photograph is of three clutches of frog eggs.  Looking like bunches of submerged grapes these were coated in a dusting of silt, the after-effects of the recent rain.

I’m always amazed that any of these can actually hatch given the silting that is prevalent in these drainage ditches.  No doubt many die from lack of oxygen or some other problem but, yet, many do hatch into tadpoles.

The water here is rich in iron (hence the brown colour) and in dry periods this can lead to some quite toxic conditions for the tadpoles and young froglets.  Yet survive some of them do and each year there are new eggs waiting to take their turn in facing the significant trials of life.