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What is going on with the weather?  It’s August for goodness sake.  Last weekend we had 48 hours of solid, torrential rain.  The trains were disrupted as usual (so getting to work was a nightmare) and the thought of stepping outside to do anything at all was not a happy one.  Unless you’re a dog, and then it doesn’t seem to matter.

The wildlife didn’t seem too enamoured either, apart from the slugs and snails; they’ve been having a ball.  The gastropods – like a few other things – seem to be having a very good year.  If I had the time it would be interesting to do a survey because, at least to my eyes, numbers seem to be up.  Pity the thrushes aren’t up as well as a result although I have seen one about a couple of times and found one or two smashed shells by a large stone.  I can remember as a boy that although finding a thrush’s anvil wasn’t an everyday event it also was not a rare one.  If I find a smashed snail by a stone these days I’m delighted.  I must remember to photograph the next one.

The snails were out in force last Sunday night.  They neatly avoided the problem of too much water by climbing up the walls of the house.  Everything was so drenched they were practically racing each other.  Again I meant to nip back out with the camera and flashgun but it was torrential and I just couldn’t face it.  Pathetic.

Anyway this posting is about fungi.  For some reason (lots of rain?) they seem to have gone a bit mad this year.  Everywhere I look I see them, not just in number but in variety as well.  It’s funny but I’m really starting to appreciate them now.  I have always noticed them from time to time but now I am consciously looking out for them, and they are not disappointing me.  They can be really quite beautiful, especially when everything is shiny and wet.